Canadians are concerned about the growing threat of climate change and the impacts this will have on their health and well-being, their financial prosperity, and their future.

Unfortunately, we are now working to implement mitigation measures at the same time as adaptation and advocacy measures.

In positive news, the natural infrastructure projects that Nature Force is implementing operate as both climate change mitigation, advocacy and adaptation solutions.

Natural wetland areas are amongst the most effective eco-systems at trapping and storing carbon and act as filters to improve water quality.  While they are doing this, they also improve our climate resilience, acting as a sponge to absorb water fluctuations and mitigate flooding risks.

While it takes time and effort to get the necessary permits and approvals to develop natural infrastructure projects in urban adjacent areas, the rewards are reaped for decades to come.  We are working with partners to prioritize projects based on the level of community risk and the feasibility of delivering climate change resilience and overall ecological benefits.  To learn more about how you can support these efforts, follow us on social media and sign up for our e-newsletter.